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HH Café
 Breakfast Bar 7:00a - 9:00a
Saturday Breakfast Brunch Bar  7:00a-10:00a
Lunch Hours  11:00a - 2:00p
Dinner Hours  4:30p - 8:00p  Monday-Saturday

   Served every meal: *Baked potato, *Sweet potato, French fries, fruit cobbler, Salad bar
• Items with * are HEART healthier choices

Two can dine for $9.99 • One can dine for $5.99

1st Saturday Night of the Month-Seafood Bar!


Tue Apr 29 Lunch Pork Chops, Country Fried Steak, *Daily Special, BBQ Bar, *Baja Fish Taco
Pinto Beans, Mash Potatoes, *Mixed Veggies, *Grilled Broccoli, Assorted Desserts, Corn Salad
Dinner Homemade Chicken Tenders, *Hamburger Steak with Fresh Mushrooms
New Red Potatoes, Fried Green Tomatoes, Green Beans, Macaroni and Cheese, Fresh Strawberry Shortcake

Wed Apr 30 Lunch Chicken Tenders, Stuffed Cabbage, Salmon Patties, *Daily Special, *Oriental Bar, Blue Moon Burger
Mash Potatoes, *Green Peas, *Brussel Sprouts, Cream Corn, Blackeye Pea Salad, Holy Cow Cake,
Dinner *Shrimp Scampi and Pasta, Southern Style Meatloaf, Western Chicken
Mash Potatoes, Fried Okra, Macaroni and Cheese, Tomato Parmesan, *Fruit Salad, Chocolate Pecan Pie

Thu May 1 Lunch Fried Chicken, Shrimp Ettouffee, *Grill Pork Chops, *Daily Special, Chicago Dog
Oven Roast Potatoes, Pinto Beans, Broccoli w/Cheese, Corn Salad, Mexican Bar, Banana Pudding
Dinner Fried Chicken, *Cajun Grill Catfish, Roast Beef w/Gravy
Garlic Mash Potatoes, *Grill Broccoli, Green Beans, Fried Okra, Strawberry Cake

Fri May 2 Catfish Filets, Roast Beef, *Grilled Chicken with White BBQ Sauce, Buffalo Grill Chicken
Red Skin Mash Potatoes, Squash Casserole, *Oven Roast Veggies, *Green Peas, Coleslaw, Assorted Desserts
Dinner Catfish-All You Can Eat for $7.99, Ribeye Steaks, Frog Legs, *Grill Chicken Tenders
Twice Bake Potatoes, Cream Spinach, Corn Casserole, White Beans, Coleslaw, Assorted Desserts

Sat May 3 Lunch Southern Style Meatloaf, *Grill Herb Chicken
Mash Potatoes, Green Beans, Buttered Corn, Fried Okra, Bake Potato Salad, Chocolate Cake
Dinner Ribeye Steaks, Whole Catfish, *Maple Grill Salmon , Crab Legs
Chicken Tenders, Oven Roast Potatoes, Fresh Asparagus, Sweet Potato Fries, Broccoli , Carrot Cake

Sun May 4 Fried Chicken, Catfish Filets, Beef and Peppers over Rice, Roast Pork, Cornbread Dressing
Oven Roast Veggies, Fried Corn, New Red Potatoes, Lima Beans, Macaroni and Cheese,
Coleslaw, Broccoli Salad, Chess Pie, Coconut Cake